NMSCA Congratulates - NM SCHOOL Counselor of the YEAR!


    Vicki Price!

NMSCA proudly announces Vicki Price as the 2015

NM SCOTY Award winner.  Eight school counselors

were nominated from around the state.  Mrs. Price

was selected based on her comprehensive school 

counseling program which promotes equity and access

to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences

for all students at Desert Ridge Middle School 

(Albuquerque).  Her evidence-based interventions 

help promote student success, professional 

collaboration efforts with students, parents, 

colleagues and community members, as well as all of 

her continued efforts to advocate an promote the 

profession of school counseling in New Mexico.


Mrs. Price was nominated for ASCA's School Counselor

of the Year (SCOY) Award and was recently named a semi-

finalist.  She will be attending the ASCA SCOY events in Washington, D.C. in January.....


Watch her interview for the local news

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