It is that Time of the Year - New Beginnings - 5 Tips to Continue the Momentum into the Rest of the Year!

September 5, 2016


I wish I were a Yogi sometimes, moving through the day with that peaceful calm, beautiful Namaste spirit, and a smile that does not flinch... I wish... but this wish doesn't always come true.  We as school counselors live in a world were we are required to constantly alter course, support others in need, and frequently take the brunt of someone's displeasure (que smile).  So the question becomes how do we sustain that bit of reset calmness that was hard faught for over the summer - throughout the year?


1.  Do what is reasonable.  Create rituals for the beginning and ending of each day that allow you to be present while on campus.  Perhaps this is making the "to do" list for the next day.  Perhaps it is finishing notes, cleaning your desk or phone, or perhaps it is taking five minutes to reflect on what is to come, or what was for the day.


2.  Smile, give high fives, and create connection.  Yes we have tons to do, but keeping the "Why" at the forfront is critical for sustaining success.


3.  Drink water - a lot of it.  Our brains take an amazing amount of abuse with all of the switching that is required throughout our day (this is a great reminder for me too).  I have a coworker that sets her fitbit alarm to go off to help remind her of this important task - yes she is brilliant.  I know this and I still forget.


4.  Take stretch breaks.  Even if it is running into the beginning of a classroom at the beginning of a period to do it with students - it helps us move, our scholars move, and demonstrates an example of healthy living for everyone.


5.  Stop and smell the flowers.  Cherish those moments when our staff, our scholars, our selves do those inspiring things.  Take note, highlight, and give joy.

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