Middle School 101-Social Media



When thinking about Middle School I think about hormones, relationships, changing classes, and thinking about the “who am I” question.  Having been a middle school counselor for a few years now, I believe it is much more in depth than it used to be.  Since we as adults are not growing up now like our middle schoolers, how do we truly understand? 


Over the past few years I find myself thinking I could not be in middle school in this time period.  Why?  The ever famous smart phone.  


  While it provides our students with an opportunity to learn anything within a few seconds, it can also hurt others within a few seconds with the social media access.  Teens are so attached to their phones that their whole world becomes what others are saying or doing.  What is a counselor to do when issues are coming up from phone use after-school?

The sad part is all the after-school phone use can lead to in school trouble.  I have had many issues that start on the phone after school, but it also leads to a ton of students having school time issues.  Here are some simple thoughts:

  • Mediate between the students

  • Have the students block each other (on snap chat, etc.…) in front of you

  • Teach lessons from http://www.netsmartz.org/SocialMedia

  • Involve your administration and/ or resource officer

  • Ask another counselor what they might do

  • Always involve parents

Parents don’t always know that their teen is engaged in social media or how it affects them.  The best thing to teach kids is resiliency. It is hard as a middle schooler to understand it doesn’t matter what other people say about you, but you can teach them skills to lessen the stress that comes from others opinions. 


There is always someone that is going to say something bad about you, it’s how you take it that affects you.








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