It is almost back at it time, and while I am not quite there yet, I can feel the build.  We rest and rejuvenate over the summer, take classes, go on vacation, do chores around the house, maybe take on a second job, and spend time with those we love.  For me, I always recommit to my fitness as it tends to fall off a bit in the spring as I finish up the school year. This summer that re-commitment gave me a curve ball.  My gym updated my studio of choice with....... drum roll please......, new fitness bikes. Don’t get me wrong I love new opportunity and environments but when things are HARD (and exercise is for me), the last thing I want is a new variable to navigate.  In my head I hear, “stupid bikes, they don’t even work, stupid bikes I don’t know what you want from me, stupid bike you make me feel stupid.” And there you have it, but I know that the technology is better, I know that the equipment is safer and will improve my overall fitness if I can just get past my OWN hurdles. 

So today I had to stop and consider two things (ok three).  1) How was I to get out of my own way - my personal journey but I am sure each of you can relate. 2)  Consider that this is how many of our students feel at the beginning of a new school year. They had it all figured out how to work in the previous years’ environment and so this new year, new teacher (s), school, friends, etc is going to feel different and perhaps uncomfortable.  Some may even come with a sense of relief given the new start - but unless we somehow assist those students (like my fitness instructor assists me) we may lose them for the new school year. What are your plans to assist with this transition of new? 3) What am I committing to this year in order to grow my own professional wings, model behaviors for my students, and demonstrate connectedness in the face of what they may consider their own hurdles?  

Ah, I got you on that last one didn’t I?  NMSCA needs you, our profession needs you, our state needs you.  We as school counselors need to have discussions about what our profession looks like within our state.  We need to advocate for our profession in our school sites, in our districts, with one another, with other collaborators, stakeholders, with legislators, with our governor, with PED.  Some of us are fortunate to work with other school counselors at our school site, some of us are not. For those of you who do not, reach out to your level NMSCA school counselor liaison.  If you don’t know, reach out to me. This year, my commitment is to our (School Counselors) professional connectivity, with those who have a vested interest in improving educational outcomes for all of our students - and if this is what you would like to do, reach out to me  We have a committee for that and the more the merrier.  This is an excellent way for you to see if deeper NMSCA involvement is for you.  No travel is involved unless you are interested in attending the board meetings. We have a huge state, but a bigger talent pool than what is being tapped into at this time… Can you commit to growing resources and ideas to share and creating a web of professional connection?  I look forward to seeing the talent and new energy with new members helping us grow and flourish. Are you ready to commit?

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